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Essentach Sevenach - The Heretic

(Entry for Valiant Force' Character Design Contest 2016)

Essentach Sevenach is an enigma for the Mage Guild. Born at the edge of Wildwood, he learns magic from neither an archmage nor a master warlock with a proper teaching, but from the elementals spirits themselves.

He is at best an unorthodox mage, and at worst could even be categorized as a heretic. The Mage Guild is always at an impasse when dealing with him; on one hand, they first make sure he joined the Guild so that the Guild can prove that it is always at the side of all mages. On the other hand, Essentach has shown just about zero respect to the Guild's honor bound tradition and tends to run really close of breaking the Guild's Law. And what's worse is that the heretic mage can almost always get away with it, for 2 reason: he knows that he is an important example of the Guild's influence, and his own prowess and ability as a mage is very much at the apex level.

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Line Art

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